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Sean Mundydeluge, 2014
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"Le Baiser" (The Kiss) at La Musée Rodin (The Rodin Museum)
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Palacio de Fernan Nuñez, Madrid, Spain.
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Hussein Chalayan SS1998

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NGC 4651: The Umbrella Galaxy

Spiral galaxy NGC 4651 is a mere 62 million light-years distant, toward the well-groomed northern constellation Coma Berenices. About the size of our Milky Way, this island universe is seen to have a faint umbrella-shaped structure that seems to extend some 100 thousand light-years beyond the bright galactic disk. The giant cosmic umbrella is now known to be composed of tidal star streams - extensive trails of stars gravitationally stripped from a smaller satellite galaxy. The small galaxy was eventually torn apart in repeated encounters as it swept back and forth on eccentric orbits through NGC 4651.

Image Credit & Copyright: R Jay Gabany (Blackbird Observatories) 
Collaboration: C.Foster (Australian Astronomical Obs.), H.Lux (U. Nottingham, Oxford), 
A.Romanowsky (San Jose State, UCO), D.Martínez-Delgado (Heidelberg), et al.
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08.18.14 /21:39/ 13439

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Makoto Aida, Path Between Rice Fields, 1991
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Hidden Gates of Spacetime
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